7" - It's up to us

by Riot Brigade

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released January 26, 2013



all rights reserved


Riot Brigade Stuttgart, Germany

Riot Brigade is dead.

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Track Name: Golden Cage
The golden cage
A vision, a plan, sterile and clean, golden future, that’s what they really mean to create,
local parks to recover high-earners; luxury investions for the economic pick-up.
Escalating rents, unpayable, paradise city for the chosen few.
Ousting, not the main goal but a wanted effect: “You can’t pay? So just get lost!”
And again it’s all about what to do about this, how to deal with it?!
And again it’s all about that they don’t get you out.
It’s up to us to take what belongs to us. All these empty streets, let’s take ‘em back.
Self-determination, it’s our goal and practice. It’s about us, (it’s) in our hands!

Alternatives, artists, the chic forerunners of a checkless wave of gentrification,
which overruns everything in its way. If you can’t settle your rent, it washes you away.
What can be changed when the only aim is gain? What about our needs? We really need to claim!
Life seems good in this golden cage, until the yield is high there’s no need to complain.
Track Name: So Much More
These are two empty terms,
about what we’re talking here,
emancipated from the plight,
to describe something

Hardcore and Punk
means so much more?!
An empty phrase,
an empty core!

So sick of glorification,
there was no blissful past!
I’m not complaining ‘bout a loss,
coz there was never none
Track Name: Falling Statues
We stuck, we stuck, we stuck in it,
and we will a thousand times more,
blinded by one truth,
and all the things we so sure about to know,
one single question, can destroy a way of life,
superiority, inferiority, everything falls apart.

Doubt, questions, reflection,
will crush your fundamental believes,
the statues of your heroes,
will fall from their pedestals,
nothing left but meaningless pieces of concrete.

Imagined, “untouched”, “innocent” landscapes,
explored, conquered, categorized,
scars of injustice covered by romantic pictures,
of the “good, old, graceful times”,
but you can’t see, that there’s blood running down the river,
because the pictures are just black and white.

To crush it all, that’s our request!
To crush it all until there’s no glory left!