Falling Statues

from by Riot Brigade



The formation of the western world is deeply entangled with imperial colonialism; implications of a grim past that lasts until the present day. It is the decisive context of the constitution of capitalist political economies as well as for western language and thought. Whether philosophy or everyday racist stereotypes were shaped by an idea of supremacy which is a precondition for the idea to “bring the light to the world”, while conquest, colonization, “civilization”, and genocide where the methods of choice for its realization. To call persisting colonial thinking patterns radically and relentlessly into question must be the first step to decolonize ourselves and the world we live in.


We stuck, we stuck, we stuck in it,
and we will a thousand times more,
blinded by one truth,
and all the things we so sure about to know,
one single question, can destroy a way of life,
superiority, inferiority, everything falls apart.

Doubt, questions, reflection,
will crush your fundamental believes,
the statues of your heroes,
will fall from their pedestals,
nothing left but meaningless pieces of concrete.

Imagined, “untouched”, “innocent” landscapes,
explored, conquered, categorized,
scars of injustice covered by romantic pictures,
of the “good, old, graceful times”,
but you can’t see, that there’s blood running down the river,
because the pictures are just black and white.

To crush it all, that’s our request!
To crush it all until there’s no glory left!


from 7" - It's up to us, released January 26, 2013



all rights reserved


Riot Brigade Stuttgart, Germany

Riot Brigade is dead.

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