Golden Cage

from by Riot Brigade



A place to live in current societies is first of all a highly paying commodity; the issue of basic needs is hardly significant. As a result of neoliberalization urban space becomes more and more subjugated by the principle of maximizing profit. Everyone who does not correspond to the concept of exploitability undergoes a massive process of exclusion by the constitution of social and political forces. Instead of scapegoating single persons for this misery, one has to develop counterstrategies to work against an advancing marginalization of the subaltern. Free spaces mustn't be commodities! They are necessary to oppose present circumstances that we're inevitably a part of.


The golden cage
A vision, a plan, sterile and clean, golden future, that’s what they really mean to create,
local parks to recover high-earners; luxury investions for the economic pick-up.
Escalating rents, unpayable, paradise city for the chosen few.
Ousting, not the main goal but a wanted effect: “You can’t pay? So just get lost!”
And again it’s all about what to do about this, how to deal with it?!
And again it’s all about that they don’t get you out.
It’s up to us to take what belongs to us. All these empty streets, let’s take ‘em back.
Self-determination, it’s our goal and practice. It’s about us, (it’s) in our hands!

Alternatives, artists, the chic forerunners of a checkless wave of gentrification,
which overruns everything in its way. If you can’t settle your rent, it washes you away.
What can be changed when the only aim is gain? What about our needs? We really need to claim!
Life seems good in this golden cage, until the yield is high there’s no need to complain.


from 7" - It's up to us, released January 26, 2013



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Riot Brigade Stuttgart, Germany

Riot Brigade is dead.

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